A Danish Wellbeing Economy Alliance hub works to put Wellbeing Economy on the agenda in Denmark - and promote the actual use and uptake. The Danish hub is currently in a process of redevelopment.

In the meantime, read more about the international development of concepts and ideas below. Or visit weall.org

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is the leading global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements, and individuals working together to transform the economic system into one that delivers social justice on a healthy planet. Below you can read more about the international WEAll mission and vision

WEAll’s Mission

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance is a 10-year project that aims to catalyse systems change toward the realisation of a Wellbeing Economy. WEAll does this by linking and coordinating activity at all levels of the Wellbeing Economy movement, to create a critical mass of people and organisations working toward a common vision.

A global movement is coalescing among a large number of individuals and organisations around the need to shift economies to one broadly focused on ‘sustainable wellbeing’. They may have used different approaches and different languages, but all share a common goal.

The aim is to promote the Wellbeing Economy as the destination that all diverse efforts are working toward.

WEAll’s Vision

WEAll’s vision is that within a decade, the WEAll project is no longer needed, as it has catalysed economic system change in multiple countries towards a Wellbeing Economy.

In this future,

  • Policy is framed in terms of human and ecological wellbeing, not simply economic growth;
  • Businesses provide dignified lives for their employees and exist to meet social needs and contribute to the regeneration of nature
  • The rules of the economy are shaped by collaboration between government, business, and civil society.